If you want to attract the right customers, make sales and dominate your industry, you know that obtaining regular high-quality leads for your website is essential and that SEO is the most effective way to achieve this outcome.

There are many SEO firms to choose from but there are not many SEO providers like Social Click Marketing. We offer a GUARANTEED Return On Investment (ROI) with every SEO package we sell. If our SEO services don’t boost your income by at least twice your annual SEO spend, our guarantee ensures you cannot lose by choosing us.

We’ve placed more than 5,000 customers onto the first page of Google with our SEO services and when you consider the low cost of our SEO services prices, we are very proud of that fact. We are also keen for you to benefit and we look forward to helping you dominate your industry. We also offer a non-compete keyword agreement so if you want to reap the rewards of our work while ensuring your rivals cannot, we offer complete peace of mind.

We know that most firms want to improve their SEO and benefit from being found by the right customer, but the thought of doing SEO is off-putting. It is made out to be confusing, difficult, time-consuming and expensive but at Social Click Marketing, we don’t believe this has to be the case. Some of the key reasons people choose us for SEO services include:

  • We simplify the SEO process and take care of everything
  • Give us 45 minutes of your time at the sign-up process and we will fully set up your account
  • We provide honest and up-front answers and appraisals
  • We do our best to avoid jargon or confusing terms and if you have any SEO question, please ask us
  • We focus on your Return On Investment (ROI) and conversion rates

If you are looking for the best SEO results, rely on the SEO specialists that offer a specialist service. When you inquire about Social Click Marketing, we guarantee you will only deal with our CEO Chris or our co-founder Brendan. It is important to us that you receive a personal service and that you receive clear guidance on what we do for you and what can be clearer than hearing it from the top level of the company? We’re committed to providing you with cheap SEO prices that deliver impressive results, and our personal touch is all part of the process.

Once you have signed up for our results based SEO services, you will be in the capable hands of our skilled team, who can call on more than twenty years in the industry, but when it comes to starting out, we ensure you receive the very best service and guidance.


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We take our customers business seriously so you have piece of mind we wont take on anyone else for the same keywords or industry as you to find out more please contact us.

UK OFFICE: 020 3745 8048

While we know our cheap SEO prices make us an attractive option for many firms, it is the results we offer that ensure businesses choose us on a monthly basis.

In our ROI and Conversion work, we use Search Volume, the number of searches per month, to determine the estimated ROI you will benefit from.

As an example, a client that selects our 20 keywords package and receives a search volume of 50 searches each month will welcome (50 x 20) 1,000 potential visitors each month. The average conversion is 5% per keyword, so you’ll be able to see the impact that our keyword packages offer to you and why our SEO services prices represent tremendous value for money.

We are more than happy to talk you through the entire process of our ROI approach and we believe this is the area that differentiates ourselves from other UK SEO providers. No matter what you do in business, only results matter and our processes are aimed at delivering results that help your business. For genuine SEO support that makes a difference, contact Social Click Marketing for more results.

With our packages you will receive:

  • Keyword ranking services
  • Full on-site SEO audit
  • On-site SEO meta data
  • Unique SEO content
  • Around the clock SEO ranking dashboard support
  • 9 am to 9 pm UK based phone support

As a UK SEO company, we understand your needs and unlike many rival SEO operators, we know the difference between functions like natural links and unnatural links. You don’t need to know the difference between these issues, but it is imperative that your SEO provider does and everything we do at Social Click Marketing is detailed for you. When it comes to results based SEO serviced, we deliver peace of mind every time.

Clear and Transparent

We firmly believe that there is tremendous value for money in our SEO services prices, but there is also clarity and transparency. We want all our customers to know what we do for them and you can be confident that our cheap SEO prices will cover 5 keywords at just £100 per month or you can choose 15 keywords at just £200 per month. Our SEO prices begin at just £30 so no matter the size of your firm, your industry, your budget or expectations, we will have a package that is perfect for your firm.

There’s no contract, there’s no long-term commitment, you can choose the package that is right for you. You have the ability to scale up or down, so if you have a special promotion one month that you want to promote, you can upgrade whereas if you expect to have a quieter month or you don’t feel you need to carry out as much keyword promotion for a while, you can lower your commitment.

You also have the chance to create a custom package that places you in complete control of the services you receive. This ensures you receive value for money when you work with us and with our results-based SEO services, it has never been easier to determine what works best for you.

Some of the key benefits you’ll receive with our keyword packages include:

  • Fresh and relevant ideas that help you focus on new keywords to promote your business
  • Developing the platform to be noticed and recognised in a crowded marketplace
  • Attracting new customers to your site and company
  • 24/7 monitoring that ensures your search engine rankings are maintained

When you’re looking for all the benefits of high quality SEO but with next to no work and the most affordable SEO services prices, contact Social Click Marketing. We provide a personalised and customisable service that delivers guaranteed results based SEO services which will help your business flourish, so please get in touch.

We are more than happy to recommend Chris & Brendan to everyone, they are great. We have 7 Websites with SCM and unlike many other SEO Companies, these guys actually provide SEO service that gets page 1 rankings. They take the time to walk you through every step and no questions are too much for them we even ask for advice of phone systems they happily gave us the guys they use and even got us a 10% monthly discount for 3 months while we tested out the service just fantastic service.
Tom & Ellie
We Help You Move

Chris has made a massive difference to the way we work with our clients, saving time and resources by using his fantastic SEO service with his FREE sales conversion help Chris has 110% made us more income for our small business in the past 8 months. We would highly recommend SCM & Chris to anyone.
Sarah & Mike

Initially, I was sceptical since the price was so low in comparison to other SEO offerings, but having now been with SCM for 9 months I am very pleased with the service. It has made a significant difference in our rankings on Google and Bing, but also we are attracting more inquiries with our page 1 rankings. We are mainly focused on local search and I can say that they have done a great job for us we have 100% found a good SEO company who I will be staying with the customer support is just great as well.
Tiff C

We have a fantastic relationship with Chris & Brendan. We have been with them for just 5 months we have 6 of our keywords on page 1 of Google. They told us what we needed to do to get our 10 keywords ranked on page 1 of google Chris got us all setup within a few hours and we had a few things for our website designer to change that Chris did help him do which was just great as it saved us a few hundred pounds paying another website designer to make extra changes our website designer could not do. We have so far done just over £39,000 in extra sales in under 4 months thanks to SCM.
Jamie B




Our SEO company has helped over 5,000+ companies in the UK to increase their leads and sales via SEO.

We know SEO. WE also know the SEO Industry. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience winning keywords for clients. Now we’re offering you our rock-solid service at an incredibly low cost. And it’s disrupting the industry. Old time providers doing minimal work for huge monthly retainers will NOT like what we’re doing.

We realise that proper implementation of SEO services is the difference between success and failure online. SCM offers the best visible results that transform into huge volumes of leads & sales. We offer a rock-solid Core SEO Package that GUARANTEES to get you more visitors and more sales from your website.

Our SEO is nothing like you have seen before. Which is why, instead of signing you up to a 12-month contract, that offers no flexibility, we give you the opportunity to cancel anytime you like. We are confident that our services provide great results and we know you will want to stay with us. There is no sense in overcharging and under-performing when it comes to SEO. Which is why we deliver top quality SEO services at below standard market prices!

At SCM, our relationship is more than just B2C/B2B. When you join SCM you join our family and ours is a family that looks after each other. That’s one of the main reasons why we screen applications. We don’t work for just anybody.

We only partner with like-minded, positive business people. Yes, we provide you with the best SEO service you can possibly imagine, but we’ve got to trust you. If you’re like most BUSINESS we know, you’re constantly battling to gain new customers to replace those who have gone cold, fallen off, or just stopped BUYING.

Clients who are not prepared to weather the time (or budget!!) required to buy your products/services. Our approach improves your overall business performance we do regular reviews on your website just to see how the marketing strategy is working out and what can be done to make changes to how it is performing. The regular reviewing saves too much wastage of time and money on a strategy that is not working as expected in the market.

This SEO approach improves your performance because your service provider does regular reviews on your website just to see how the marketing strategy is working out and what can be done to make changes to how it is performing. The regular reviewing saves too much wastage of time and money on a strategy that is not working as expected in the market.

We are a smart forward-thinking company that likes to use our knowledge and the use of modern technology so our customers can get the most out of our services we offer.

We work closely with lots of companies to make sure we can provide our customers with all the right tools needed for them to be able to maximise their online presence. Our main focus is start-up businesses as most find it increasingly hard to find a good website development company to help them get on the internet we have found that almost 10% of our customers came to us because they had a bad experience with another company.

We want to make it as easy as A B C for all our customers to be able to get an online presence. To overcome this, many companies out there look for SEO companies that could resolve their situation but end up with little but no results and unnecessarily expenditure for hiring them. We at Social Click Marketing are here at your disposal to provide you a new way that would be to your comfort and ensure that your company moves higher up the rankings.

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Get new ideas

We help all of our customers to come up with the ideal keywords & design to help your business grow so you can get the most out of your marketing & design services.

Get New Customers

We enable our customers to reach new target markets with our SEO & Design services that could be 1 or even 1,000 new customers that could order from you.


Get noticed

We help your business to get noticed in a digital world, using design ingenuity for creating brand personality that will have a long-lasting impact on all your visitors.

24/7 Monitoring

Social Click Marketing Provides 24/7 SEO monitoring so if your keywords drop in the search engines we are on it and will get them back up the search rankings.



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