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Websites are a great tool to improve the sale of products and services of your organization. But if you don’t see a drastic improvement in the sales after getting your website online, you are doing something the wrong way.Most of the organizations usually sign a contract with the same company for SEO Services which had designed their websites. Such Web Design Companies might not have the adequate experience in the field of SEO which results in a brilliantly designed website with not very good content. This is the reason why such websites never attract enough traffic to generate revenue. We at Social Click Marketing provide a White Label SEO Reseller Program which has been carefully crafted to help such Web Design companies satisfy their clients completely.

The White Label Program

The White Label SEO Reseller Program offered by Social Click Marketing is one of the rarest of rare services offered in the field of SEO. Most of our competitors in the SEO Field outsource their SEO Projects to amateur writers around the world. But we at Social Click Marketing are entirely different from our competitors. Through our White Label Program, we allow our clients to have authority over the work without our name being reflected anywhere.

However, we do not work for everyone who knocks on our door. We screen our clients and select only those who feel to be talented and skilled, deserving the page 1 position on the Search Results page.

 Contract Free

Our services come bundled with several features as packages along with validity periods. Few Competitors in the SEO Field, only sign long-term contracts with their clients.

This means that even if the SEO Company does not provide quality work, they cannot terminate the contract until you have lost 12 months of your online revenue. We never sign any such contracts with our clients.

Although this has never happened to any of our clients earlier, we still offer our customers the flexibility to walk out of the deal if they are not satisfied with our services.


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In-House Experts

Unlike our competitors, we do not allow our clients to be handled by employees who have no experience in the SEO Field. Instead, our clients are directly handled by our CEO Chris and Co-Founder Brendan who have decades of experience in the SEO Field. Unlike other SEO Companies, our experts work on your projects instead of merely providing suggestions. We consider every client to be a part of our family and our In-House experts do all their work for our clients. So you need not worry about the quality of services provided through the White Label SEO Reseller Program.

Not merely Rankings

SEO Companies fool their clients by promising the ranking of the client’s website on the Search Results Page. Such companies care only about the ranking of the webpage for a short period of time and use Black Hat SEO Techniques to stay on the promised position for a very short period of time – probably until the Search Engine Algorithm receives an upgrade. We at Social Click Marketing not only care about the client’s website on the search results page but also about the revenue generated. We try to improve the Conversion efficiency of the website which would help in transforming the website’s visitors into customers. Anyways our In-House team of SEO Experts also help your website occupy a position on page 1 of Search Engine Results.

Most Affordable

Our SEO Experts are so skilled that they can give our client’s competitors a run for their money, just like the way we have been dominating the SEO Field. Our Packages have been designed to deliver the best quality features at very affordable rates. We are no way like our Money Minded Competitors who underperform for their expensive contracts. We at Social Click Marketing through our affordable packages help small but deserving start-ups achieve great heights by their own hard work and talent. This is the reason why we screen our clients and only work for those who deserve to be on the first page of a Search Engine’s results.

Our Services

After we choose a client to work with instead of the client choosing us we perform an SEO Survey of the website to find out the important rectifications needed. Once that is done, we research the keywords that would get you the page 1 position on the search engine results. Apart from that we also start building quality backlinks which are completely organic. Since our SEO Experts are skilled in delivering organic SEO Services, once you reach the page 1 position on the search results page, there is no going back to the second or any other page. Your position on page 1 is only going to improve and we will show you the way forward.

Client Assistance

Our SEO Reseller Programs are designed to align with the Client’s customer policy. This essentially means we tailor our services according to the policies of the client instead of offering standard Non-Customizable packages. Apart from these services, we also provide regular reviews of the client’s website. These regular reviews help clients in curbing the expenditure on marketing techniques which did not achieve the desired results. These reviews help our clients to optimize their Website Marketing Strategies.

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