We will also GUARANTEE you a Return On Your Investment (ROI) with every SEO PACKAGE we sell if we fail to boost your income by at least TWICE your yearly SEO spend we will give you a full refund and carry on your SEO work totally FREE OF CHARGE for 1 year.




No matter what industry or sector you operate in, you need to be found by customers and you need to drive traffic to your site.  Thats where our Cheap SEO Services come in it is likely that you will have read or been told about the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) but equally, you may have concerns about the cost of this approach. However, it is possible to achieve great search engine rankings without breaking the bank or resorting to unscrupulous tactics and therefore, working with an Affordable SEO Agency that makes perfect sense for your business.

At Social Click Marketing, we are proud to offer Cheap SEO that delivers results. Affordable SEO Services can make sure your company is found on the first page of search engines when people look for assistance, and we can place you in all the right places. For cost-effective yet cheap SEO, contact us or read on to see how we make a difference to your firm.

If you have been told that SEO is vital but you don’t quite know what it is or you know what it is but you don’t know how to implement it, don’t worry. You are far from alone in knowing what SEO is or how to best achieve it.

SEO is work undertaken to ensure a website is listed in search engine results when a user types in a relevant word, phrase or term. The leading search engines want to provide the best results to their audience, which means that they want to highly rank sites they trust with information that people can depend on.

Therefore, SEO activities aim to convince the leading search engines that your website answers or resolves the query people have and that you are a company that can be relied upon.

There are many different SEO activities that help websites rank highly and by calling on Social Click Marketing, you can rank highly with cheap SEO services.

You don’t need to pay a lot of money to rank on search engines and drive traffic to your site. Our cheap website SEO services help firms enjoy the benefits of SEO without paying excessive amounts.

Some of the leading benefits of SEO include:

• Greater confidence in the user-friendly nature of your website

• Increased traffic heading to your website

• It’s not just increased traffic, its relevant and interested traffic heading to your website

• Improved conversion rates

• Better brand awareness

Every firm should look to achieve these benefits and if you are ranked above your peers and rivals on search engines, it stands to reason that you improve your chances of making sales compared to them.

One of the biggest issues that many firms, of all sizes, must contend with is not having enough time to do everything they like. With cheap SEO UK services, you hire an experienced and skilled professional to do the SEO work for you, immediately freeing you and your team to focus on other tasks.

It makes sense for companies to focus on their core strengths and outsource other important aspects of their work. Calling on a reliable Cheap SEO company gives you more time without compromising your SEO work. In fact, you will often find that guaranteed SEO UK services improve your search engine rankings in a lot less time.


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It is the successful track record we have in delivering in Cheap SEO Packages that provide our clients with confidence. If you are not listed on the first page of Google, it is likely that many prospective clients will not find your site.

You need to be confident about being found by your audience and with affordable SEO agency pricing, you can depend on achieving rankings that boost your business. There aren’t many things that are guaranteed in business, but our track record of success suggests we can be relied upon for SEO services.

There is no obligation to use our services and, you don’t have to sign a contract with us. However, we believe that the results you’ll obtain with our cheap SEO services will ensure you stick with Social Click Marketing.

While your idea of affordable SEO services may differ from other firms, after all, every company has their own budget and financial considerations, most people recognise low prices. There are some SEO firms charging extraordinary amounts for very little work, and this is one of the problems with the SEO sector.

A lack of transparency in the industry means that many firms make a lot of promises at what they will do with no guarantee of delivering results or improving your rankings. Our cheap SEO work details what we will do and what you will receive. Our track record indicates that this SEO work helps you rank, so why would you pay any more than what you must?

No matter what your definition of affordable SEO is, you’ll find Social Click Media delivers. With our cheap SEO packages, you can try us in full confidence and you’ll find that you can scale what you need. It may be that you want to focus on a particular product or service within a set time-frame, selecting cheap SEO packages allows you to do this in full confidence.

We are pleased to say that we offer a wide range of packages and we offer flexible SEO agency pricing services. If you are looking to increase the amount of money you spend on SEO services, you can and we’ll be more than happy to help. However, we know for many reasons, most of our customers focus on cheap website SEO and we are pleased to offer dependable services that help you achieve results.

One of the reasons we are confident about delivering cheap SEO packages comes with the fact that we offer analytical services that help you measure your ROI. No matter what you do in business, you should be able to gauge the merits of each activity and determine what worked or didn’t. If you are unable to measure your ROI or determine what went right or wrong, you will struggle to replicate success or avoid success.

Our ability to measure results and help you track the impact of our work underpins our cost-effective SEO services. We know people look for cheap SEO UK solutions but, people want cost effective SEO solutions.

If you get no benefit from a cheap service, such as no website hits or no sales enquiries, it doesn’t matter how cheap the service was, it offers you no value for money at all.

It is possible to find affordable SEO UK service packages that provide guaranteed SEO UK results, but you need to work with a firm that is experienced, skilled and transparent about the services they offer to help you achieve more attractive search engine rankings.

Personal SEO Team

We believe that defining ourselves as a cheap SEO company that delivers cheap SEO UK results, it is important for us to offer a personal service. When you contact Social Click Marketing, you will initially speak to one of two people:

• Our CEO – Christopher Moulvi

• Our Co-Founder – Brendan O’Hagan

What other cheap SEO providers allow you access to the people at the top of the company? It is our experience, skills and expertise that allow us to provide you with dependable cheap SEO services and we believe this personal connection provides you with confidence and assurances about the service you will receive.

Also, as you connect with the top ranking people at the firm, you can be confident that we only choose so many companies to benefit from our well-regarded cheap SEO services. We couldn’t provide affordable SEO services of this nature to every client, so we make sure we work with firms that need our help the most or where we feel we can make a difference.

We know the pressures of modern business and we know the competitive nature of search engine rankings. Every firm is looking for affordable SEO and the demand for dependable SEO means that some providers can charge an extortionate price for services. At Social Click Marketing, we put our name to our work and our working relationships, which is why you can be confident that we deliver the best standard of cheap SEO packages.

Thousands of Customers

While the benefits of cost-effective SEO will see you rank strongly, it will also persuade people to choose you over another firm’s offerings. In the digital era, reputation is everything. No matter how much money you throw at your SEO packages, if you have developed a reputation that says you shouldn’t be trusted or you don’t live up to what you claim, people will avoid you.

One of the best (and worst) things about the internet is that everyone has an opinion and they are keen to share it with the world. If you offer a poor-quality service, people will talk about you negatively and other people will see this. The fact that we are well regarded in the SEO sector even though we offer cheap website SEO indicates that our reputation can be relied upon, and it also suggests that we can be trusted to build and develop your SEO.

Content on your site isn’t just about making sure you are on the first page of Google, it must inform your audience and provide answers. A lot of companies can rank highly in a brief period for relevant search terms but if the page doesn’t meet people’s expectations or a firm cannot deliver, people will clock off and the ranking will start to slip.

The search engine algorithms consider many distinct aspects but a company’s reputation and standing matters, and the content on your website has a significant role to play in how people view you. Affordable SEO UK services will not only rank you high on search engines, it will persuade website visitors to buy from you, to return to your site and to tell others about what you offer.

Too many companies and SEO providers believe that ranking highly on searching engines is all that matters with SEO but, this is sometimes just the beginning of the process. When you’re looking for a cheap SEO company, choose one that understands that results matter and that guests and visitors need to be converted to clients or buyers for SEO to be truly effective. Guaranteed SEO packages are only of benefit when they lead to visitors taking action on site and this is what we will help you achieve.


With a guaranteed SEO UK service, we take the stress out of ordering an SEO service. Knowing that you will improve your ROI by a set amount or you will receive your money back makes hiring our services a sensible and straightforward choice.

You will expect many things with a cheap SEO package but not every affordable SEO company will deliver a tailored service. However, with our personalised service, you can be confident that we take time to listen to your needs and we will work towards tailoring our services to help you best achieve the goals and ambitions that you have for a firm.

There may be aims and ambitions that are common amongst many businesses, especially when it comes to using SEO, but every company is unique in its own rights. You can rely on us to help you in the most effective manner, delivering SEO results that don’t break the bank but do place you in front of your audience.

When it comes to finding SEO agency pricing plans that meet your budget but exceeds your expectations, you’ll find that Social Click Marketing is the company you can rely on. Cheap website SEO can still make an enormous difference to your business and if you want to find out how we can help your business, please get in touch.


I was very worried when i first signed up it seemed to good to be true but was i wrong i was kept up to date every few weeks by Chris the Founder & CEO of the company. He took the time to walk me through every step of the process. I went for the 10 keyword nation package and can happily say my kitchen fitting business is ranking on the first page of Google for 9 of my keywords in 6 months. I have seen a 50% increase in my sales in the past 3 months to the tune of an extra £3k per month. Thank You so much Chris 🙂
Jonathan Dill

SCM gets their customers results I had no idea what I was doing and Chris walked me through every step and helped me to get more work for my plumbing company. 9 months on and i have made an extra £34,980 for a £1,200 per year spend.
Toby M

I have been using SCM for a couple of years now and we consistently rank number 1 for our chosen keywords. Both Chris & Brendan are very quick to respond to any queries raised and no question ever seems to be too much trouble for them even @ 2am. I cannot recommend SCM highly enough. I plan to be a customer of theirs for many years to come. They have enabled my business to earn an extra £109,275 in the last year alone.
Kerry B

We have a fantastic relationship with Chris & Brendan. We have been with them for just 5 months we have 6 of our keywords on page 1 of Google. They told us what we needed to do to get our 10 keywords ranked on page 1 of google Chris got us all setup within a few hours and we had a few things for our website designer to change that Chris did help him do which was just great as it saved us a few hundred pounds paying another website designer to make extra changes our website designer could not do. We have so far done just over £39,000 in extra sales in under 4 months thanks to SCM.
Jamie B

Chris & Brendan have helped me and my husband to increase our business revenue via the use of SEO we started 11 months ago with them when we started we had no idea what SEO was and Chris explained it all to us in simple easy to use terms which we could understand which was just fantastic we went for their 20 keywords local SEO Package and so far I have to stay we are blown away we have constant leads coming in every month between 37 - 52 so far in the last 4 months we have made just over £66,700 thanks to Chris & Brendan anyone looking for SEO I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND SCM.
Megan & Mark Burton

We have been with Chris for 2 years and during that time we've made steady progress up the rankings in a very competitive segment. Kicked off with a meeting where they got to know the nature of our business and our expectations. This was followed up with a comprehensive 'action-plan' which we've followed since. Chris does cover a lot of topics and even helped us for FREE to change our website design to suit the new needs We went for the 100 Keyword SEO Package. So far in the last 9 Months, We have got a solid stream of between 8 - 20 leads per week coming in for our building company.
Bill L

I came to Chris 4 years ago my small start-up business was having major issues getting ranked on google Chris within about 45 mins found out why it was a very simple fix which he did for free he then spoke to me over the phone a number of times over 4 weeks and we found a suitable SEO solution for my business that we both agreed on we then put it into action. The past 4 years Chris has taken my business from earning just £22,400 per year to £246,987 per year in just over 4 years. I am currently spending just £300 per month I am making around £9,000 per keyword per year on page 1 of Google.
Luke B

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