Christopher Moulvi
Chris is our CEO he started Social Click Marketing in 2009 while he was still in school. Chris has been in the SEO/Website Design Industry for the past 10+ Years he has a solid working knowledge of SEO & Business Management if you are serious about getting more leads & sales for your business you need to give Chris a call. He has helped over 5,000 customers to rank more than 45,000 keywords on page 1 of Google.
Brendan O'Hagan
Brendan joined the team in 2016. He is also the CEO of Smile Colour Printing founded in 2008. Brendan has been in the SEO/Website Design Industry for the past 15+ Years he has a solid working knowledge of SEO & Business Management if you are serious about getting more leads & sales for your business you need to give Brendan a call. He has helped over 8,000 customers to increase their business revenue & built over 800+ websites.

We have a long history spanning over the last 16 Years. Our company was originally based in the USA, under the name i2webdesign which was established in 2002.

It was acquired and rebranded into Social Click Marketing in September 2009 by UK based entrepreneur Christopher Ian Moulvi but in 2016, after 9+ years of successfully helping over 5,000+ customers, Christopher decided to join forces with fellow entrepreneur Brendan O’Hagan. They then founded Your Digital Partner Ltd in September of 2017 to cope with the massive influx of customers to SCM.

Christopher Ian Moulvi and Brendan O’Hagan. Both of whom have an extensive industry history, having had run over 35 successful businesses between them.

Christopher and Brenden have a shared background in a wide range of different web-based services. These include website development, marketing, software design, and print services. The mission statement of YOUR DIGITAL PARTNER LTD is to respond and cater to your company’s nuance needs, all under one roof. This can translate into a cohesive and efficient experience for your company, no matter what your need. No company is the same, so why should the services you receive be?

So, why rebrand?

Christopher and Brendan want nothing more than to help as many companies as they can. They saw beyond what the 15-year long legacy of what i2webdesign & Social Click Marketing could already offer, and had their eyes set on reaching out to the international community.

This expansion included changing the national base, establishing a new office, and of course, a name change. What this means for you, is that you can expect to be part of an inclusive and forward-thinking international business community, that strives to help you grow, and achieve your own vision.

These two entrepreneurs have sky high goals, not only for YDP but for you too.

As long as you enjoy you’re a professional, friendly, go-getting relationship with YDP, the sky is the limit.

What lay at the very heart of YOUR DIGITAL PARTNER is family values. With a generosity and a willingness to give whatever your venture needs to get your goals off of the ground. With an intimate, UK based team, YDP can offer unique, friendly experience, which, unlike other web design industries, genuinely care about your dreams, and want to see you succeed.

Their differences from their competitors do not end there; they do not simply focus on the final product, but your on-going interactions with them.

They have a relaxed and friendly approach to conducting business relations; they do not employ the tiring tactic of pushy sales that can be so very alienating, furthermore, they ensure that the customer is always kept up to date with every step of the process.

What does this mean for you? Well, the team at YOUR DIGITAL PARTNER feels that they can better understand your needs and elicit how to guide you to best improve your business and get the most out of the web-based area of your company or project. This means more income, freedom, and a better-quality website.

They made this move because the feel of the market states strongly that personalized, one to one service is what is missing in the faceless, corporate world of web-based industries, which we as consumers are used to. YOUR DIGITAL PARTNER does not just focus on the bottom line but strive to make the whole experience professional and beneficial, for all involved.

Over 8,000+ businesses have benefited from the help of Christopher Ian Moulvi and Brendan O’Hagan over the past 16 years, and they are excited to show you what YOUR DIGITAL PARTNER LTD can do for your company and brand.

If you don’t see a service you need, just pick up the phone, with all of the many years of industry experience accumulated by Chris and Brendan, and excellent customer service, and family values at the very heart of the company, we can work to create something special for you.

Freelance Content Writer
Janet has been working with SCM for over 1 year and has helped us write over 1,000 SEO related topics for our customers. She is originally from the USA but moved to the UK in 2006.
Freelance Website Designer
Dennis has been working with SCM for over 3 years and has helped us build over 3,100 websites for our customers and make over 2,300 changes to our customer's websites.


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